Six Years

Where has the time gone? I started this blog about 6 years ago, although for the last three I have been quite inactive on it. I just needed ta break I guess. I needed to take a step back, simplify things a bit, and re-think it all. It seemed as if it was consuming all my thoughts and time. I've often thought about starting back up again, but it would end up only being  a passing thought.

I think I am ready to give it another shot again. I may not post often. Possibly only once a week. When I started out I was in it to make a supplemental income for my family and the pressure I put on myself was enormous. This time I'm in it only for my pleasure and to share my thoughts and ideas. So I hope you will forgive me for not being active and bear with me as I give it another go. Here goes nothing!

DIY: Scented Lovie

I love Scentsy! I mean, who doesn't? I love all the scents and warmers they have!  My favorite scent is "Clean Breeze". It smells like clean laundry! I love it when my house smells like I've been cleaning all day even if I have not! :)

Anyways, I was at a Scentsy party a while back and I saw the "Scentsy Buddies". They are super cute and as if that were not enough they have a compartment oinside of them where you can put a "scent" in them. The scent packs are like little sachets that come in several of the Scentsy smells. When I saw these it was like a light bulb went off in my head! "Duh silly!! You sew, you can make this!!" So, that's just what I did! Im here to share withyou how you can make you own "Scented Lovie"!

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stuffed animal
sew-on velcro
fabric scraps
3/4 c. rice (not instant)
scented oil in your child's favorite scent
jar with lid

measuring spoon
sewing machine
funnel or zip-lock baggie with small hole cut in corner to funnel rice into pouch
seam ripper

First you have to make a sachet. Its really sipmple. All you have to do is mix 3/4 c. dry rice (not instant) in with 1 tsp. scented oil (I got mine at Wally in the candle section, but you could probably find them at craft stores and maybe even health food stores) in a mason jar with lid (you will only need the rim of the lid, not the flat top part). Then you place a scrap of fabric on top and screw on the rim over the fabric. Lastly, shake a couple times a day for about a week or until the rice is once again dry and the oil has soaked in.

Meanwhile, make your pouch the rice will go in. Cut two squares of fabric that are 4in X 4in. Sew right sides together, leaving an opening big enough to pour the rice in. Next fill with dried rice and close the seam. You can slip stitch it if you want, but I just ran it through the machine. Now you have a sachet to put in your "Scented Lovie"!

Now to prepare your Lovie!

{Step 1}

Either buy a stuffed animal or pick one out that your child already owns. If your kids are anything like mine you have a MILLION of these beady eyed things laying all over the house!!

{Step 2}

Find a seam on the back or on the bottom. (I think a seam in the back is best, if there is one. I don't know about you, but ripping the seam open on the bottom is just a little disturbing to me!! hehe!) and take apart the seam about 5 inches long, using a seam ripper. Remove most of the stuffing from the body area to make it easier to sew.

{Step 3}

Now take your Velcro and measure out how much you need by comparing it to your hole in the stuffed animal. Cut the Velcro to length.

{Step 4}

Sew the Velcro along the outside of both sides of the opening. Replace the stuffing.

{Step 5}

Place the sachet in the stuffed animal and close the Velcro by folding the two sides in together.

And Viola! You have a Scented Lovie to give to your child. They will love having this special friend who smells like their favorite scent! I took my daughters with me and let them pick out a scent that they liked!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and find it easy to follow. As always feel free to ask any questions you might have! I always try to respond to your comments! Thanks for taking a look!

Have a blessed day!

Homeschooling: Multilpication Printable

While I'm still trying to finish the tutorial I promised about a week ago (I know, I know, I need to hurry up!!!) I thought I would share with you a printable I made for my daughter who is struggling to memorize her multiplication facts.

For KK this is the first year for her to do homeschool. She was in public school last year and I was thoroughly unimpressed with the math skills she was learning in the 3rd and 4th grade. I noticed that she was being given a multiplication chart to use on her assignments. I also noticed this happening when I was a teacher's aide a few years ago in the same grades (4th &5th). They were handed multiplication charts and allowed to use them on most assignments. Given, the students would have to fill out the multiplication charts on occasion, but to me it was obvious that for some students this was not helping to memorize the facts.

I feel like this approach to multiplication is not getting the job done, at least not for KK.

I also struggled with multiplication when I was her age and so I thought back to when I was in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades and tried to remember how I was taught to remember my facts. I remembered my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Edwards, who was a sweet kind and loving teacher. She truly loved teaching and genuinely cared about helping me. I thought about how she taught multiplication and I recalled her using these sheets for doing speed drills.

They were made of construction paper that was laminated and then strips were cut out below the facts. It's kind of hard to explain so here is an example:

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Now, obviously, mine are not laminated. I do not have access to a laminator. But, if you are like me, and don't have access to one, you can get some of those laminating sheets from the office supply section of your local superstore. They are sticky plastic sheets that you press together on either sides of your paper. I plan on doing that soon.

I have made a printable template you can use to make your own!


All you have to do is print the template on construction paper, then fill it out with the multiplication facts of your choice. I choose to do one sheet for each multiple. Example: one sheet for multiplying 3's, one for 4's, one for 5's, and so on. I didn't do the 1's, 2's, 5's, or 10's, since she already knows those.

Then you will cut out strips under the facts {as labeled on printable} so your child can write their answers on a separate sheet of paper.

I did each sheet once on a seperate sheet of paper and then flipped it over and wrote the answers on the back of the construction paper sheet. That way when your child is done he/she can flip the card over and check their own work:

To start out I would not set a certain time, but I would see how long it take for them to finish one sheet. Then next time I would have them try to beat their time until they are able to get one done in only a few minutes. I think 1-2 minutes would be the goal. If you are doing one in 1.5 minutes you are only spending less than a second on each problem. and if they are getting them correct I would safely say that they have mastered that multiple. It's still good to have them go over it every once in a while though so they don't forget it!

I hope you can use this in your home class room and it helps any of your little ones who might be struggling with their multiplication.

Have a blessed day,

Fabulous Friday Link-up! 1.21.12

Sorry, I had a crazy day yesterday and totally forgot to put this up!!!

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Here are some of the AWESOME entries from last week!

Crafting in the Rain: Hanger to Bag Clips!

So let's see what you have going on this time! Im excited! :)

Pinterest Etiquette 101

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share with you something that I thought of that I think needs to be discussed. I have noticed occasionally that sometimes people use what I would call poor Pinterest etiquette; especially when pining from a blog. I don't think that anyone does it on purpose. I'm sure that they don't even think about it. And that's exactly why I think it's important to get this out. I think if everyone understood the "why" then they would be more than happy to pin correctly.

I'm not here to be the meanie pants. I simply wish to spread the information about why there is a wrong and right way to pin from a blog. :) Spread the word!

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Fabulous Friday Link-up! 1.13.12

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REMEMBER: Link directly to your post and not to the main page of your blog!
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One more Valentine's Day freebie

I got this idea in my head and I just had to get it out! My oldest daughter, KK, is obsessed with owls!! So, this one is dedicated to her!

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"Owl" always love you KK!

XOXO, Mama

{download} "owl" always love you 5x7 printable

I hope you enjoy it too!


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